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The more you know about the construction of the calypso skiff the greater insight you have as to the unique advantages that result from building a very strong although lighter boat. A few of the examples are better fuel economy, fantastic performance, handling and durability for many years to come. Our 2016 series of Skiffs are 100% hand laid fiberglass with ceramic poured transoms. Our transoms run the entire width of the boat, where as some of our competitors only make it 24 inches wide. Thus making them stronger and lighter than the competition. Every skiff features 100% composite construction. Completely wood free. At calypso safety is our number one concern, thatís why every one of our boats exceed the upright and level flotation standards of the United States Coast Guard. At Calypso we understand what our customers are looking for in a fishing boat. Handling, strength, fuel efficiency, and durability. A Calypso does it all

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